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Improved usage and information

Make it evident how to activate the 'repair' of just the selected entries in the selected list - as in I do not want to do ALL REPAIRS at once - just deal with the entries left selected of just those in the set of entries I have worked through.

Also make it evident how to order the cookies entries by associated (installing) APP, or at least in name sequence
preferably ignoring the leading www. when sorting the list.
Be even nicer if I could put in a 'find' text string to get entries such as those containing "crosoft" , or my bank name, so I can exclude those from the list to be 'REPAIRED' ?
Or does 'REPAIR' actually mean 'REMOVE'?

Also include licence/activation codes in the list of software available under INFO

James Button , 16.05.2019, 14:14
Idea status: under consideration


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